Welcome to Butlr

Butlr is a communications platform using artificial intelligence technology and neural networks. Butlr handles complex questions and intents to deliver the right solutions to your customers to drive sales, internal processes, and build constant relationships with multiple levels of access

  • Natural Language Processing

    Based on intent, processes can be trained and then evoked by your users without clogging up phone lines

  • Efficient AI Agents

    Reduce repetitive procedures in your workflow by integrating your FAQs into a unified chat platform

  • Machine Learning

    Efficiently Train your bot new phrases and functions once, and it will continue to learn on its own


Butlr Features

Automation that reduces costs while creating more expedited and personal customer experiences

  • Easy Integration

    Seamlessly connect all platforms and ERP systems with multiple chatbots

  • Analytics

    Improve your Customer feedback by analyzing their specific needs

  • Live Chat & Bot Mode

    Switch between live chat mode or bot mode for seamless transitions

  • Self Service

    Empower your customers to be self sufficient and enable growth

  • Employee training

    Conversation provides a more personal user aid and efficient training platform

  • Customizable

    Build and maintain a truly interactive experience for your brand

Why Get a Butlr?

Our Virtual agents are meant to support your most customer focused departments

Learn the best approach to interact with your customers in the quickest and most cost efficient way. the messaging space is evolving quickly, and is accommodating multiple channels of industry oriented communications. Stay ahead of the curve, and future proof your business, so you can do what you do best. Our channels are accessible on multiple platforms to give you the richest features without having to fully adapt each one. Butlr increases productivity.

Butlr in Business

  • Client Engagement With a Butlr you are no longer confined to hours of business. Butlr can communicate with your clients 24/7/365

  • Data Retention: Unlike other Bots, Butlr stores all its conversations in a secure cloud portal which is easily made accessible to stakeholders in your company

  • Commerce: Leverage Butlr to provide 24/7 assistance to your shoppers and also upsell and cross sell by influencing their shopping decisions at key moments

  • Target Marketing: Once Butlr has interacted with a user, you have insight into what product or service they were looking for or had an issue with. With this data, you can create a specific marketing campaigns

Butlr For Every Department

Unify all of your communication platforms and have all your channels bundled to unify the multiple departments of your company


Automated quoting, vendor and supplier aggregation

Customer Service

Account activity, Order processing, RMA queries


Tailored agent to gather prospective partners or clients

Human Resources

Insurance FAQs, Staffing platform, Time off requests

End to End Solutions

Pilot Projects

Start a new project, embed documentation, and get instant feedback

Cloud Storage

Securely store customer query analytics and analyze for business insight

Client Agents

Customize, Track, and improve each individual customer's experience

Employee Aids

Track and improve employee productivity with a virtual assistant


Our team will work alongside you to train your Butlr to your needs. Once basic training is finished we will seamlessly embed it into your existing website where it will continue to learn based on the future conversations.
Yes, we offer a fully embeddable white label version of Butlr. Use this to get your initial feedback from your customers and to give you an idea of the type of information to train your Butlr with. Request a demo at the bottom in the contact us section.
Unlike many other chatbots that seek to serve every industry, Butlr Bots are tailored to manage repetitive orders, a ticketing system, by retaining data that the Butlr has learned previously from that user. All butlrs are unique to each visitor and require 2 step verification to complete transactions and impactful activities.
Yes, Butlr is fully embeddable with the industry leading CRM platforms, and ERP systems and is capable of being integrated on the major communication platforms like Facebook messenger, Slack, Google Hangouts, and Skype.
The demo version will be white labeled and will be have a link near the bottom of the window. A purchased version will have customization options to change the look and feel of your Butlr.
All conversation data will be stored and immediately available through our cloud based portal and visible in the form of word clouds, repetitive intents, and commerce activity. This data is included with a Pro Subscription Dashboard.

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